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Guide Your Spirit

Wholeness of Creation are customized sprays to bring balance to the natural harmonics of your souls’ essence. Each spray will be created to support your path of evolution. Wholeness of Creation sprays are used to clear out blockages in your energy systems and open you to new possibilities. Formulas can be created to support you with protection, open doors to creativity, relieve stress and anxiety.

We begin with the intent of your session.  What you are experiencing in your life right now and what are you seeking to change or shift. We begin by creating a mosaic bringing all the pieces together of what is happening in your world. As we begin to create a picture, we will uncover the core issue or belief that is causing distress. We will then connect what emotions, people and or past history have a role to play in the present-day moment.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is Energy.”  I will then explore the elemental, crystal kingdom and essential oils to create a formula that will support you in shifting your life. The alchemy of the work is based on the act of inner transformation. By transforming our inner world, we begin to liberate our fears and beliefs that no longer serve us. We can then bring the parts of ourselves home that have become lost.


How to use: shake well, mist around your body or space. Use daily as a ritual or with a meditation practice. My favorite is to spray in the palm of your hands and just breathe in the essence and feel with all your senses the magic and harmonics of the formula.

Wholeness of Creation


Lisa G - Illinois

I lead women’s retreats and am always looking for clearing sprays for my ceremonies, clearings and rituals. The frequency of these sprays when you combine the crystal energy and pure essential oils, leaves you feeling energized and cleansed. I will continue to use these during my classes and retreats. Thanks for creating them!!

Jenny B - Illinois

Radiant Spray -I loved the immediate sense of love surrounding me and protecting me. -The spray helped my vertigo. I was no longer dizzy. -I highly recommend the spray because it helps bring you back into alignment and balance. A sense of security. -I was surprised that it helped my vertigo because I have tried everything! A miracle!!


What a profoundly transformational spray! I have been using "Return to Light" as a part of my morning meditation to ground and center me as I move through creating writing projects while dismantling early life traumas. The energetic support of this spray is gentle, present, and deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Kelli - Portland, OR

Wonderful product! Thrilled to receive this just as I begin to hone in on my foundational practice. This is a great addition to my daily ritual. Thank you for creating a spray with clear intention and exceptional vibration!

Sharon - Washington

The shipment came right on time as promised. I have just begun using this spray and love the lift that it brings to my day. It reminds me take a moment to breathe and remember that there is more to life than busyness.

Emma - New Mexico

This harmonic spray has a lovely scent and peaceful energy - it is exactly what I had hoped it would.

Megan - Rockton, IL

WE love the calming effect Children's Light has had on both my children. The mornings have been the biggest change for us. What used to be a fight is not anymore. Their moods and emotional health have been better since using.

Becky - Minnesota

 I am typically very sensitive to energies in my role as a psychic medium, and I noticed the sprays I used definitely helped make the shifting energies easier to navigate! I also felt more playful when I used them! My work can be heavy at times, and it helped ti instill a little more lightheartedness to my day. 

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