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Susan Therese

My name is Susan Therese. I am a Mother, Grandmother, Author and Alchemist.

More than 20 years ago, an allergic reaction to an antibiotic changed my life. It was the spiritual equivalent of being hit by a 2 x 4. 

This life-altering event brought the most frightening and yet the most amazing moments in my life; it led me to the discovery that my soul's origin is the Angelic Kingdom. I learned about my role as a Bridge and a Gateway to bring knowledge and encodements from that realm to Earth. My purpose is to assist souls. We walk together on the path through the light Channel and back to Source; a place I call home.

My journey of healing led me to holistic medicine. Acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, guided imagery, meditation and flower essences were all powerful tools I used along my healing journey. I survived by walking through my darkest hour.

When I allowed the light within to come through it led me to a place of well-being. I found a place of balance and peace. Since then, it’s been my mission to walk with my clients as a support and guide on their own healing journeys.

My Training

Spiritual Training

  • ​Akashic Records

  • Bachelors and Masters degrees in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling

  • Ordained Minister offering wedding services and Blessing ceremonies for children and homes

Healing Training

  • Certified Guided Imagery Therapist

  • Integrated Energy Therapy

  • Master Flower Essence Alchemist

  • Meditation Instructor

  • Reiki Master and Master/Teacher

  • Sound and Crystal healing

My Story

My journey began in June of 1996. Being a Type A personality, I had a full time career, went to school part time, and served on several community boards. Additionally, my husband worked long hours; I had the full burden of responsibilities in raising two children and running the household. Even when I tried to relieve stress, I immersed myself in more activities like quilting and ceramics classes. Exhibiting typical Type A values, I expected perfection in all areas of my life and I saw everything as black or white. I was too busy to think about the more common gray areas. 

My own health care was no different. I believed in using over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs to quickly ease any symptoms I might experience. Prior to my accident, one antibiotic had caused a flu-like reaction – which I ignored. My need to conceal and disregard my symptoms, so that I could stay busy, became my downfall. 
The day of my accident was a beautiful June day. I was on the deck mixing pool chemicals. As usual, I was in hurry and I didn't have my glasses on. While mixing water in the bucket, my hand slipped, I dropped the nozzle into the mixture of water and chemicals, which splashed back up at me. 

I rushed inside to rinse my eyes and face as I called the eye doctor to tell them the chemicals I had been exposed to. In their office, they flushed my eyes again and sent me home. The next morning, I woke to discover my eye sealed shut. Feeling confident that it was just dry from all the flushing, I applied an antibiotic. In seconds, that antibiotic (one that I had used before) caused yet another reaction. This time; however, it had near fatal consequences. 

My suffering went beyond a few moments – or even days – of discomfort. I was living my own personal nightmare. I became hypersensitive to everything in my world and reacted to everything in my environment. I was unable to eat or even breathe without assistance. I was a victim to the air and chemicals surrounding me. I yearned to get out of the black hole into which I was rapidly descending; I was passed from doctor to doctor. One doctor even refused to treat me for fear I would die during treatment.
Unlike my old Type A behavior, I was in control of nothing. Still there were no answers. Everything mainstream medicine had to offer caused me to become more hypersensitive. I had even suffered formaldehyde poisoning from one of the tests. I was slipping into a world of pain and anguish.

Eventually, a special doctor  came into my life. He did everything within his power to help me, and I would not be here today if he had not had the vision to use holistic alternatives along with conventional treatment. He sent me to a holistic clinic in Chicago. I was exposed to a new world of holistic healing and was on my way to becoming stable.I experimented with different alternative modalities to help stabilize my health. Nutrition, homeopathy, and guided imagery was the foundation of my care.
With the holistic approaches, I had been able to increase my food intake to more than 400 calories a day and my health was stabilizing. Once again, however, I was attacked by the common chemicals we take for granted in the world around us. At the time, I did not realize that my husband had sprayed our backyard with weed killer. I went outside to enjoy the beautiful day and decided to pull a few weeds. I couldn't find my gardening gloves so I thought I would just pull a few. As I reached down, I realized that they had just been sprayed.

My immune system was not able to handle another chemical exposure. This truly was my darkest hour. I began to lose weight at the rate of several pounds a week again since I was again not able to eat more than 400 calories a day. My corneas turned from hazel green to black. My cheeks were sunken on my pale face. 
 Convinced I had slipped to a place of no return, things got even worse when I was exposed to natural gas. The pilot light had been left on in the kitchen and the house filled with gas. My immune system, at this point, was devastated. After many trips to the emergency room, I had given up all hope. I was unable to attend events for my children and no longer able to work. It seemed I had lost, not just my health, but my children, my career, and my identity.

Desperation and despair filled my days and nights. I weighed 99 pounds. During my darkest hour, I couldn't even use a simple bar of soap. My clothes had to be washed with plain water and separated from the family laundry. I spent most of my time in rooms with air purifiers in order to breathe comfortably. I could not touch door handles, drawers or kitchen utensils that had been washed in dish soap or touched by someone coming in from the pool deck. Our gas stove had to be replaced with electric to avoid any further gas exposure. If my children came in contact with any chemicals, deodorants, perfumes or sprays, my body would react.
My diet consisted of water, chicken or turkey breasts, and baked potatoes. I barely had the energy to walk from one room to the next. I prayed every day for a healing path. When I stopped to listen, I was told that I had the key to healing inside me. My faith and prayers to St. Therese kept me alive and gave me something to cling to.

 One day a friend who I hadn't seen in months came to visit. As she walked in the door she announced that her daughter had seen me and told her to visit before they buried me. As I heard those shocking words, I knew deep inside that I had indeed found something that would help me and that death would not be my fate.

​That was one of the first times I shared the story of my healing. The treatment was specifically designed to desensitize the body from allergies and in the process boost the immune system. The process is called NAET. 

The Gift of a Rose

A life-threatening allergic reaction takes author, Susan Therese Mavity on an extraordinary journey of healing, faith, and forgiveness.

In The Light Within: The Gift of a Rose, Susan inspires us with a gripping tale about the effects of chronic medical distress and the courage it takes to uncover a reservoir of hope and healing buried deep inside. Can you imagine your immune system being so compromised that you could no longer leave your home or touch something as simple as a bar of soap?

You will be enthralled as Susan describes her experiences as an allergic reaction to an antibiotic has devastating effects on her mind, body, and soul and her courageous attempts to understand what has happened.
You will be elevated as Susan shares a journey toward a simple and defining moment—one in which she was handed a prayer card of St. Therese of Lisieux, known as the Little Flower, a saint who answers prayers with roses.

Hope will spring eternal as you discover how each gift of a rose opened a new path for Susan’s healing. Don’t miss this moving story of friends, old and new, gifted healing practitioners, and the redefinition of life … physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dr. Jackie Bashleben and her staff were lifesavers. Her care and kindness went beyond what I expected. Dr. Jackie has a kind and gentle spirit. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture were a foundation I could always count on. It took many months for me to gain ground. Her encouragement and care offered me hope that one-day I could return to life in the real world. I felt like part of her family.
Dr Jackie was always there in emergencies … and there were a quite a few. Each emergency was handled with grace and dignity, humor and tears. She always knew the right thing to say and do. We began to conquer each allergen, one at a time. My physical state was improving. The color of my eyes became more clear each week. With Dr. Jackie's help, I realized that in order to move forward to a complete recovery I had to make address the mind-body connection that I had failed to see all those years.

I then began to see a therapist who used flower essences, guided imagery, and Reiki to treat her patients. She had practiced 12 years of mainstream psychology and had seen the benefits of using other methods to balance the mind and body. She was my strength. Rose was a true gift from heaven. Our sessions always kept me on my path of healing. Her spirit is one of compassion and warmth. I realized I couldn't move forward until I acknowledged the impact my emotions had on my health. I had to look back at all the stress in my life, even going back to childhood. I saw all the unhealthy patterns that led my immune system to collapse. I spent five years of uncertainly and desperation learning how to survive and then build a healthy lifestyle.

Moving away from that black and white world of medicine led me to discover that to be truly balanced means acknowledging that our emotions play a huge role in the healing process. Whether they are from a current situation or from our past, the mind-body connection is a powerful healer. I have learned that illness and misfortune are not our enemies, they are the teachers by which we learn, grow, and evolve.

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