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Guide Your Spirit

Susan Therese

MY STORY continued:

Then one day I was in the backyard mixing chemicals for the pool – in a hurry, as always. While filling the bucket with water, my hand slipped and I dropped the nozzle, splashing chemicals back into my eyes.


When I woke the next morning, my eye was sealed shut. I rationalized it like a pro, convinced it was just overly dry from the eye doctor repeatedly flushing it out.


So, I applied an antibiotic – the same one that had previously given me flu symptoms. In seconds, I had another reaction. This time, however, it had near fatal consequences. 

My immune system crashed. I became hypersensitive to everything around me. Scents and perfumes sent me over the edge. Foods triggered newfound flair-ups. Even the unpurified air around me was causing issues. I was unable to eat or breathe without assistance.


I saw doctor after doctor (one of which refused to help me for fear I would die during treatment) and tried every mainstream approach, only for my hypersensitivity to worsen. I was actually regressing.


There were no answers. Living in my own personal nightmare. Spiraling into darkness. In control of nothing.

Eventually, I was referred to a holistic clinic where I was introduced to a range of non-traditional healing techniques. My health began to stabilize. There was a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel.

But the Universe wasn’t done with me yet. I had two more encounters – one with a common weed killer and the other with a gas leak from a pilot light, which destroyed the remaining threads of my immune system. My corneas turned from hazel green to jet black. I was rapidly losing weight (dropping scarily below 100 pounds).

I was in and out of the emergency room, missing my children’s school events and no longer able to work. I couldn’t even use a simple bar of soap without my body reacting. It was my darkest hour.

For five years, I lived in uncertainty and desperation. I was forced to abandon my black and white way of thinking for more holistic avenues. Chinese medicine and acupuncture, coupled with therapeutic reiki and meditation sessions, were instrumental in my recovery.


We tackled one allergen at a time and, after many months, I started to gain ground. The color of my eyes began to lighten.


But through the harrowing darkness, I learned that illness and misfortune are not our enemies but master teachers. I realized the importance of the mind-body connection, the impact emotions can have on physical health. I looked honestly at the unhealthy patterns that led up to the collapse of my immune system.


I dedicated myself to studying different healing modalities, getting degrees in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling, learning to read the Akashic records, and becoming a Reiki master.

Life breathed back into me.


And I discovered my soul purpose – to assist souls on a healing journey (mentally, emotionally, physically) and to connect them to the authentic truth (and passion) of their Spirit.


It is with much love and gratitude that I’m able to share these tools and wisdom with you. 

The Gift of a Rose

A life-threatening allergic reaction takes author, Susan Therese Mavity on an extraordinary journey of healing, faith, and forgiveness.

In The Light Within: The Gift of a Rose, Susan inspires us with a gripping tale about the effects of chronic medical distress and the courage it takes to uncover a reservoir of hope and healing buried deep inside. Can you imagine your immune system being so compromised that you could no longer leave your home or touch something as simple as a bar of soap?

You will be enthralled as Susan describes her experiences as an allergic reaction to an antibiotic has devastating effects on her mind, body, and soul and her courageous attempts to understand what has happened.
You will be elevated as Susan shares a journey toward a simple and defining moment—one in which she was handed a prayer card of St. Therese of Lisieux, known as the Little Flower, a saint who answers prayers with roses.

Hope will spring eternal as you discover how each gift of a rose opened a new path for Susan’s healing. Don’t miss this moving story of friends, old and new, gifted healing practitioners, and the redefinition of life … physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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