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Mentoring/Soul Counseling

Spiritual Counseling sessions, we explore the deepest part of your Self.  Energy sessions: Energy sessions are used to assist with clearing blocks and healing.

Personal Wholeness of Creation

Customized Wholeness of Creation sprays and elixirs to support your evolution.

Crystal Impressions 101

Explore how different crystals can be used for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Stellar Gateway

Are you ready to change the collective reality within you? 

WE are now in a time and place where the ceiling has been lifted. There have been so many changes in our collective reality… new frequencies flowing, DNA upgrades new streams of consciousness available. 

Susan’s focus is on being a bridge and uncovering the deep wisdom held by clients and returning their sovereignty back to them to co-create their path. She customizes each session based on individual clients using a variety of tools including Guided Imagery, TAG, Meditation, Reiki, sound and crystal healing, chakra healing, and akashic record readings.

There are three objectives:

1- Accessing soul’s voice and information

2-Exploring the deep-rooted energy imprints that keep you stuck

3- Laying the energetic foundation to take action


Payments for services booked through this site are processed via Stripe.

If you would prefer to use Venmo, please email me at


Bita D.

“After feeling lost in both my personal and professional life, a friend recommended I work with Susan at Guide your Spirit. Upon our first connection, I immediately felt reassured and excited at the prospect of reconnecting with my soul path. Susan has a gentle angelic presence that is so very peaceful. When I reached out, I was down, I felt I had done everything I was ‘supposed’ to do throughout the years. I had an MBA from a prestigious school, had a great career on paper, but I just felt unfulfilled.

Susan helped me understand that my soul had a purpose beyond career and that I needed to get my ‘house’ in order energetically for me to step into my full purpose. When we did the House of Selves workshop, I had tears in my eyes when I realized I had the power and ability to redesign my inner house. When we went back in to set up the house as I wanted it, I felt I was energetically catapulted.

I now have clarity as to what I want to change in my personal life and my business is doing better than ever!

I will forever be grateful for Susan for this wonderful gift. I cannot recommend it enough!”

Kelli L.

"Time has no meaning. This is true when the resonance of an individual crosses one's path once again. This is how I felt when I first journeyed with Susan. Her expression of divine guidance, her spirit, soul's harmonic, and imprint rang true to my core. There is a timelessness of her ability to bring messages, guidance, and spirit through with such clarity, ease, compassion, and Grace. My Universe has responded with hearing her harmonic. It has opened doorways and helped me interpret the visual representations and fractals seen in my mind's eye.

I HIGHLY recommend working with her."


From the depths of my Soul, I recommend gifting your Self a journey through the House of Self. I have gone through this powerful experience two times and I would go through it two million times more, at least. I left with a deeper connection to my Self and all that I need in order to feel at “Home” within this lifetime. As I released all control and allowed Susan’s gentle, ethereal-like voice to Guide me through the journey, I was led through all the manifestations I’ve created and am continuing to work toward. I was shown what may need to be released the first time around, and for my second experience, I was shown that I’d successfully let those weights go. When I came out of the experience, I had energetic chills all over. The House of Self quests have stuck with me through each day, and my quality of existence has continued to expand in an upward motion since then.

Robynn S.

Recently, I was privileged to participate in a gathering with Susan Therese. In that space, she used her gentle and sacred voice to guide us toward enlightenment and self awareness. We entered the divine core of our beings through the gateway that is Susan's House of Self meditation. During the House of Self meditation, she led us into existential spaces represented by different rooms in a house, the house that each of us saw in our mind's eye.


Within the meditation, I saw a mixture of ideal spaces, particularly the house of a friend who lives on Whidbey Island. This friend's house is curated with soft soul colors--shades of turquoise, grays, blues, sands, hints of oranges. The house in my vision had wooden exposed beams, framing, and floors--that we learned later encourages vitality. Wood was the dominant, as well as, inviting element, along with Light. Throughout the whole house I encountered so much light. Everywhere natural light streamed in the windows. This revealed to me that I have been doing the work to become more and more radiant as I shine out my inner lightwork out in the world. 


Susan's gifts for guiding and gentle journeying gave me and others the space and time to unpack what is in shadow while also sharing with us the necessary tools to begin the interpretation process and set us on a path toward working on these hidden places with kindness and curiosity toward our self reflection. I am changed and challenged by my experience.


I highly recommend taking any opportunity to journey with Susan. Every journey is profound because her gifts allow participants to unfold their own revelations like the petals of a sacred lotus, gently recognizing our beauty and our mud, which is often is the catalyst of our beauty.

Aydrey Y.

"I recently was honored with a Stellar Gateway Activation session with Susan Mavity. Susan led me through gateways of light, full of colors and visualizations within the quantum field of the central sun.  Her intuitive knowledge and wisdom shone forth throughout the session, incorporating and downloading unique codes that enhance, provide structural integrity and stability for my new path, my new way of be-ing on this earth plane.  The Stellar Gateway Activation included guided activations and wisdom from those in the unseen through mathematical and scientific means, opening doors to me and to the infinite possibilities not only for myself but in how I am supported on my mission on Gaia.  I am in gratitude for her service and wisdom as I continue to integrate all that was woven, anchored, and activated with so much grace and ease into my cellular structure, my light body…into my entire being.

In great gratitude to Susan."

Scott M.

"My experiences with Susan has literally been life changing.  Not only is Susan extremely personable, her energy is so calming and radiates hopefulness. Wrap these amazing traits that Susan’s has with her spiritual and healing training and one walks away equipped to work on one’s own self healing journey.  
I have gained so many valuable tools through my sessions with Susan. After each session, I walked away with a very reassuring feeling. Simply put, I had HOPE again! Through Susan’s Guided Imagery Therapy, we were able to unearth situations that had me stuck in my own healing. Every session we had, far exceeded what I could have EVER imagined. To say that Susan’s training is moving and profound, just doesn’t give her enough credit. I genuinely left each and every session feeling as if I was at a new level of healing. I am forever grateful that Susan’s journey to become a healer crossed paths with me. I feel truly blessed."

Jenessee R.

Today I was guided by Susan on a journey to understand my authentic self. I am beyond grateful for her gifts, expertise, and guidance as I have felt disconnected recently. By experiencing Susan’s unique process I was guided quickly and without effort to a greater understanding of who I am and how to utilize my gifts here on Earth. I have been fortunate on my path to come across the right teacher at the right time and I can say with complete conviction that Susan is one of these teachers. Witnessing how drastically our Earth and the people on it are changing I know that what Susan is doing isn’t just aligned to me at this time, but she’s aligned with every soul seeking their “why”. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is having a hard time living in their truth NOW. This process helped me to embody my why and feel confident that I can share my truth with others. Thank you for everything you do Susan!


The House of Self

Embark on a relaxing, renewing, and insightful journey with your inner self.

Pathway to Grace

Bring to life your dreams and goals by utilizing an alchemical container.

Gateway to the Soul

 Gain clarity on your dreams and soul purpose.

Reset your Energetic Container

Three Sessions to clear up your inner house and bring awareness to what needs to be cleared to live a fuller life.

Energize Your Relationships

Three workshops to clear up each individual’s inner house and bring awareness to what needs to be cleared up to live more fully in divine partnership

Energize your Goals

Three workshops to clear up your inner house and bring awareness to what needs to be cleared up to live a fuller life and bring your work goals to fruition.


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