Pathway to Grace

We use alchemical tools to stand on a transformative platform that allows us a strong foundation to bring our projects to life. You will discover a new clarity and free your creative passion with your spiritual design team. Your relationships with the crystalline and elemental realms will help to sustain you and grow your projects.

Personal Crystalline Harmonics

Personalized Crystalline Harmonics session are used to clear out blockages in your energy systems and open you to new possibilities. We begin with the intent of your session - what is going in your life right now and what do you want to change or shift. We then choose one of the foundation formulas ...

Crystal Impressions 101

Crystals are like snowflakes each one being unique in shape, color and vibration. This class is perfect for  you if you are starting to explore spiritual living and curious about crystals. You are interested In learning how different crystals can become used for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Gateway to the Soul

In this session, we explore and connect with our inner voice. We each have our own personal expression of our hearts desire. Through this journey, we connect and create a bridge a gateway for a new foundation and communication with our heart, mind and soul.

Energy Sessions

Energy sessions are used to assist with the ascension process, they provide clarity and understanding and create a bridge of light to the higher realms of creation and consciousness.

Mentoring/Soul Counseling

During our Spiritual Counseling sessions, we explore the deepest part of your Self. Our goal is to bring light to shine on the path before you as you find the way to inner peace. I will provide you with tools to help explore the healing light within. Together, we create sacred space for the activation of inner alchemy. ​

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"Enter the portal of unlimited possibilities, through the vastness of your infinite imagination."

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