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Guide Your Spirit

Crystal Impressions 101

Crystals are like snowflakes each one being unique in shape, color and vibration. This class is perfect for  you if you are starting to explore spiritual living and curious about crystals. You are interested In learning how different crystals can become used for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Class offering to be announced soon!

House of Self

This class will offer tools to guide you with ease and grace journey to the door of your divinity. Learn to design a new landscape, weed the garden and nourish the seeds already planted. Join us for a relaxing, renewing, and insightful journey with your inner self.

Wholeness of Creation

Wholeness of Creation classes are used to clear out blockages in your energy systems and open you to new possibilities. Together we begin with the intent of the group - then individually what is going in your life right now and what do you want to change or shift. We then choose one of the foundation formulas ...

Class offering to be announced soon!

Offering a deeper journey into healing through the harmonics of your cosmic soul.


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