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Guide Your Spirit

Wholeness of Creation

A creation of sprays and salts that are imbued with and broadcast a unique song that imprints our energy fields with that unique harmonic. 


Offering a wide range of sessions to choose from:

Energy Sessions, Gateway to the Soul, House of Self, Personal Mentoring/Soul Counseling and more...


Messages from guides, meditations and more...


I offer my gifts with much love and gratitude as we travel together to find our

new voice within the balance and Grace of this ever-changing world. 


It is my greatest hope through our work together you will discover tools that will

assist you in finding a sense of clarity and wisdom. My commitment to each of

my clients is to co-create a pathway for you to stand here, in the now.

Within the divine mystery of your authentic truth.

“We are all on a path to the top of the mountain, a journey to return to one heart, one true spirit. There are many ways to arrive at the top of the mountain. Some of us take one step at a time; others may find themselves bounding ahead. Others may find the end in sight only to discover they are meant to heal one more aspect of their soul to discover they are meant to heal one more aspect of their soul, and move back a few squares. It is all called life and it is God’s plan to carry us through.”


Guide Your Spirit is a holistic wellness company working with individuals to reclaim their health and vitality. Founded by Susan Therese Mavity, who recovered from a chronic illness that was attacking her immune system over 30 years ago. Through various healing modalities focusing on the physical and emotional components of her dis-ease, Susan made a full recovery and began helping others on their healing journey to align with their soul’s voice.

We are often told to look inside us for answers, but how do we actually hear the answers to the questions we are asking? At Guide Your Spirit, Susan offers a variety of spiritual coaching and healing tools to assist individuals on their path to rediscovery and wholeness. She uses Guided Imagery meditation, Integrated energy therapy, reiki, sound and crystal healing, chakra healing, and spiritual counseling to support the soul’s journey. Each session is designed specifically with the individuals in mind, using the tools that will best support them.

Guide Your Spirit Founder, Susan Therese, holds a Bachelors' and Master's degree in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling. She is a certified Minister, Guided Imagery Therapist, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, and Alchemist.

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