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Guide Your Spirit

The Pathway To Grace

Welcome to Guide Your Spirit

We are living in extraordinary times the old world is falling and the new is ready to be birthed. We may feel like our world has been turned upside down. Within that all we have lost our identity and our purpose. I have learned that in any given moment we have the opportunity to change our path. To stop in that very moment and claim our sovereignty and step through a gateway to a new life.

It is through the path way of Grace we will explore living the life of our dreams.

Grace comes to me as the vision of a shower of opalescent rain drops ever so gently filling my auric field with divine love and light. I can hold my hand out and see and feel the orbs of light touch my hand as they fall from the heavens. There is an awakening an awareness that filters into my field. When I open to the energies the presence of the divine feminine begins to soften me to my very core.

Working with Grace awakens the remembrance to our authentic self in nature. The rhythm and dance of the very souls that we are. In that remembrance there is healing and transformation to lead a life of joy, purpose and expansion.

It is my hope that I can assist you in discovering a new gateway a new path to transform and thrive in your new world.

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Mar 28, 2021

The Rhythm and Dance of the very souls we are. Thank you, Susan.

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