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The Pathway to Grace

We are immersed in the many possibilities February holds for us. We still find ourselves seeking a way to let go of the old as it falls. Structures of food, money, education are being challenged each and every day. Our emotional bodies are being stretched beyond their limits.

There is a lot of magic woven in for us within the constructs of numerology this month. The energy of the 2’s 2/2/2022 and 2/22/2022. When you see a series of 2’s together it may be a message of balance, harmony, and trust. If we look to the Angels for a meaning it is a portal to fresh beginnings. When you've been roaming around for so long, it's time to focus and then move on with your life. Angel number 222 meaning would inspire you to take on new challenges in your personal and professional life. Take a moment this month when you see a two on a clock, message or timestamp, take a breath and see what that message is for you.

This month we have the opportunity to step into the alchemy of our own lives. We can become the container for change within our own world. Working with the elements of Fire and Air to let go of all that no longer serves us. Earth and water help us ground and bring flow to our dreams. Though this we can transform our vision and bring our dreams into this reality.

When we step into the alchemical process there is an ebb and flow in which the alchemical container is formed. The balance and the dance within the mastery of each and everyone … We are woven in and are being held as you walk the path of divine mastery. You alone are the source of your light and shadow. The container holds for alchemy of transmutation of thoughts ideas obstacles the birth of new ideas creations magic

But the power of the medicine is within you to transmute with your voice. Just as it holds your dreams and hopes to be realized it is you who must open the doors take action steps claim the mastery of your destiny

Weaving together each elements voice presence and authenticity. The fire the earth the air the water and bring miracles and magic into your world.

There is a evolution to this process merge with the medicine your element offers you. Witness the future possibilities take action stand clear in your vision you then attract those who can benefit from the wisdom of your experience

Join me for a session of The Pathway to Grace and explore what you can transform to bring your hopes, dreams and wishes to a magical place within you own life.

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