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Soul Seeds

Spring is a time of year when we see the signs of rebirth and growth. The emergence of new life is everywhere. As we look around, we awaken to a world we no longer recognize. What was once a daily routine one year ago has now been altered and modified. For many this is an ever-changing cycle. The most important message to receive or visualize is the resilience that has emerged from all aspects of our Beings. We now have the opportunity to reexamine what we want our landscape- our world to look like. What soul seeds do we want to plant in the fertile soil of our lives.

Spring is a time to ask what in my life no longer serves me. As we examine our landscape what weeds do we need to pull, what thoughts and old patterns have become stagnant in our lives. Releasing the old is very much a part of making room for the new!

As the daylight grows and the energy of the bright sun expands into our life what messages have been revealed to you. What aspect of your life call out for change? As you search for expansion and knowledge, joy and expression what stands in the way? As you search deep within your heart what connections have fallen away? Sometimes we find a friendship or a way of life is no longer supported and just simply falls away. It all occurs within the process of change and growth. Only then new friends come in and support us and we find new resources and our purpose in life has shifted.

This is the time of year to plant and grow in the fertile soil of new beginnings. It is time to evaluate what visons and dreams you want to nurture and grow. Spending time with your inner voice, the whispers of your soul will bring you inspiration dive deep listen and begin to create. Will you plant seeds of self-care, patience and compassion? Will you plant seeds of divine inspiration and passion? Call in and redesign a relationship one that supports and honors you. Will you bury your seeds deep within the rich potential of creation? A place where they will spend the most potent time of the cycle soaking in all the nutrients. As the warm sun energize and call the sprouts forward, they will begin to emerge with a pathway of synchronicities in your life. Only then to grow strong and tall with the empowerment and strength to withstand any storm that comes along. As we manifest those hopes, dreams and wishes we finally reap the harvest of the new world that we are calling into our hearts, minds and souls.

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