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Stepping Stones

Into the forest the mist calls. The shimmering light through the fog offers a new pathway each stepping stone revealing the call of your soul. The first steps upon the bridge begin the journey home to your true soul essence. You follow the path that calls to the mystery and magic from a time long ago. It is a path filled with wonder and joy hidden deep with your memories.. Open your heart to this calling for just one moment in time and let it fill your heart. The soft gentle fractals of light begin to swirl around you. The cascading crystalline light codes of pink, red and green spark the renewal and remembrance of peace joy and unconditional love. The divine mystery of life guides you along and illuminates that which you need to see. You pause along the path to sit with the fire. Dear one look long and deep into the flames of creation. What is there for you within the sparks of light. The path before you is filled with unconditional love and presence. It is the remembrance of you as pure love. Let it was away all the stress all the layers of sadness. Allow the transformation to ignite the deep wisdom that is brought forth from the sacred heart flame. Be with the light as it transforms into this brilliant flame of destiny. Integrate its message unify your field with the cosmic light of a thousand suns.

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