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Guide Your Spirit

The Journey Begins

We begin with the pathway across the bridge to our inner world. Our first step is to move from the outer chaos of the old world as it falls. It is now time to set ourselves free from the overwhelming broadcasting of fear and survival trauma. For you see, the key is within you and it all begins with self-love. There is the yearning to live the very best version of yourself each minute of your day. You dear ones must claim that for yourselves and begin the inner journey of what patterns, thoughts and universal laws to work with. Remember now the old ways are not working they are helping us recognized we cannot live in survival mode anymore. It is time to let go of all the teaching and beliefs we have used to survive. Challenge the old model and know the truth and the light to move forward are held deep within you. We are embarking on a new vibration a new way of living in balance and harmony with every living thing. It starts with you!!!! Come with me on this journey to thrive and bring your world back into balance and truth.

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